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Linda Ryan Pour Painting

All Linda Ryan’s Livermore Classes are held at the Bothwell Arts Center 2466 8th Street and searchable on Facebook or Eventbrite.

Basics – Intro to Pour Painting (Last Chance in 2017)

Monday, 7-31-17, 6-8pm (class may go later depending on number of students)

$65     Register here:

Learn the basics of using this freeing and addictive Medium to tilt, swirl and create a 12x12 or 11x14" abstract work of art. No experience necessary. Designed to let you learn the basics and try the medium before you decide if it's for you.  This is a special type of pour painting with luminosity of transparent pigments being the key that makes it sing.

Price: Special Price of $65 Includes all Materials ($25 Value!)

This medium separates pigment particles out, reflecting light and giving a luminous feel to the painting. Color option choices for this are 1) warm golds, oranges and browns with metallics and interference gold, or 2) blue/sea tones with interference golds, bronzes as accent, 3) Purple/blues with magenta, alizarin crimson, with metallic golds, bronzes and interference pearl blues/violets, or 4) warm greens with golds & blacks as in event photo.

▪ Wear painting clothes (this stuff is messy!)

▪ Plan to leave your art overnight - it needs to dry level

▪ This workshop is highly recommended prior to taking Intermediate A or B Pour Painting classes. 

Note - Instructor will be Artist-in-Resident at Mendocino Art Center from October through May, so East Bay classes will be suspended until next May/June - if you have considered taking it before, do it now!

Intermediate Pour Painting Levels A/B, Livermore (Last Chance in 2017)

3 Dates – note time change for 2nd Class!!

Aug 13, Sept 10 1-3:00

August 20, 11-1pm*

$90    Register here:

This course is designed to give you the tools to free yourself up to create some beautiful abstract art with a type of painting that is on the rise in popularity for its results, but with quality techniques gleaned from years of experimentation by the instructor.  No housepaint, glue, or non-archival techniques taught here!

First, you will learn and expound on the basics, learn how to layer to achieve stronger art with more depth and better composition, use pigment interaction to your benefit, and get a better understanding of how to work the medium.

In this class, you will continue with basic pours as desired and then begin to learn layering techniques to take what you've learned in the Basics Workshop to a higher level, including experimenting with layers of Golden's High Flow Acrylics, GAC 800, gelskins and Airbrush Medium, depending on your interests.

Level A Materials purchase of initial basic Golden Fluid Acrylics & Pouring Medium through Way Up Art & Frame is necessary - approximately $90 total materials kit charge in addition to Class Fee. Initial material kit to purchase will include: Liquitex Pouring Medium (32 oz), specific Golden Fluid Acrylics, at least one cradled board. Teacher will bring material to the first class; plan to bring a check with you.

Additional Fluid Acrylics, High Flow Acrylics and GAC 800 medium is per student interest and desire, a suggested list will be provided during the first class.

For Level B, the teacher will provide a few specialty fluid paints and mediums to try, but Level B students need to mix and bring their own supplies which will depend on their interest.

Expect to leave your work overnight to dry each class date. Instructor strongly suggests taking the "Basics" workshop first so that you will be familiar with the process and medium.

Note - Instructor will be Artist-in-Resident at Mendocino Art Center from October through May, so East Bay classes will be suspended until next May/June - if you have considered taking it before, do it now!

Pour Painting Party!

Sunday, August 20th, 4pm-6pm

$55     Register here:

Come let go and have fun creating something unique and beautiful!

You may have gone to a painting party where everything is directed.  While those are fun and can be instructional, this is different, a more freeing method of painting, using Liquitex Pouring Medium.

You pour your paints, tilt, turn, tilt, maybe pour some more, maybe manipulate it with a gloved finger or even add a bit with an eyedropper, and all the while the medium and gravity become your tools.  No brushes necessary, and we’ll do all the mixing for you.  We’ll also help you as you work.

A little adult beverage is fine to bring - I just can't supply it or I'd have to charge quite a bit more.

To help you be successful with your early forays into the medium, we will have several sets of pouring paints that we’ve pre-mixed for you.  I’ve tested these groups to work well together, and I’ll ask you to email me or post on the Facebook event page with your choice.

1. Warm greens, golds, bronzes & blacks (as in the event photo)

2. Cool greens and green-blues, turquoise, black, burnt oranges and metallic

3. Purple-blues, magentas, interference blue (pearl blue), interference violets, alizarin crimsons, possibly interference (pearl-like gold) or metallic golds for contrast

4. Warm burnt oranges, golds, blacks, browns, metallic and interference paints of your choice, and possibly a bit of blue for contrast

Pour Painting Partiers have great fun and take home cool works afterwards. 

NOTE:  The paintings have to be left overnight to dry.  We will arrange for pickup on the date of the event.  Also, wear painting clothes!  This can be messy!

Your price includes all materials.


Later Event: August 22
Artist Show & Tell